Work starts on Europe's first 3D-printed building

The building will be printed in 10 days

Global scoop: 3D-printer builds ideal meeting location.

‘Wake up in a new world’ with De Slaapfabriek (The Sleeping Factory) where Marjo and Arvid Prigge have developed a completely new vision on training and meetings. On Wednesday January 30th, students of elementary school De Zaaier in Teuge will place a time capsule in a hole of the first 3D-printed concrete wall of ‘De Vergaderfabriek’ (The Meeting Factory) for commencement. The time capsule will contain letters directed to the future and gets activated when the building will be recycled in the future. De Vergaderfabriek is the first commercially requested 3D printed building in Europe. Marjo Prigge with The Sleeping Factory dreamed of an extra meeting location but did not want to make any concessions to the purpose and quality of this space. By choosing 3D concrete printing, the building can feature round and bended shapes that totally matches the wishes of its users. At the same time Arvid Prigge with Centre4Moods has developed a unique meeting concept for De Vergaderfabriek that combines large moving images with smells and sounds. Together Arvid and Marjo have created a completely new way of training and meetings that interacts perfectly with the functioning of our brain. De Vergaderfabriek is the first location in Europe that allows guests to test and participate in this concept. The shape as well as the content of the building introduces users to a fully new experience of space and senses.


Printing a building within 10 days

De Vergaderfabriek is the first commercially 3D concrete printed building in Europe. With the help of Revelating Consultancy a team of Dutch experts in 3D printing and construction has emerged: Cybe, Witteveen+Bos, Elma Media and Lexence Attorneys. Project Manager Hugo Jager: ’The process is a cycle of testing, analyzing and adjusting. Our goal is to prove that 3D printing is within reach technically as well as economically.’ De Vergaderfabriek will set the example for clean and revolutionary future building technology that will take the first step in big changes in construction and society.

Berry Hendriks at CyBe: ‘This new technique will really get things moving and grow confidence for 3D printing for buildings, within The Netherlands as well as internationally.’ De Vergaderfabriek will be printed on site in less than 10 days.

Reduce waste

Witteveen+Bos Engineering has joined the consortium as constructor and expert on 3D concrete printing. Hans Laagland and Marijn Bruurs (Structural Engineer) on the advantages of this technique: ‘It’s great to see where this all leads to. Printing technique is so extensive and has so much potential for durability and preservation. Recycling materials, an enormous reduction of waste and combining several strengths of concrete in a building are just a few examples.’


Between dream and reality

Marjo and Arvid Prigge are the initiators of De Vergaderfabriek. They started The Slaapfabriek ten years ago in Teuge. The location was increasingly being used for meetings and trainings which made this idea for businesses arise. Because they wanted to turn this vision into something exceptional, they decided to join The Dutch Construction Hackathon in May 2016 in Oss, The Netherlands. During this hackathon the ground was set for this dream that is about to become reality.

The new way of having meetings

It will be an unprecedented experience of training and meetings in which images, smell and sounds play a crucial role. Arvid Prigge and Marjo Prigge: ‘We recognized it was time for a new concept of meetings that delivers an unforgettable experience for individual guests, groups and teams and at the same time creates a better and more effective work environment. De Vergaderfabriek is the first location in Europe where people can experience this unique ambiance.

The consortium

De Vergaderfabriek will be constructed by a consortium formed by the following organisations and companies:




Follow the latest news on the developments of De Vergaderfabriek.

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